Bodyguardz iPhone Protection vs. Zagg iPhone Protection

Two of the leading manufacturers for iPhone screen protection today are Bodyguardz iPhone and Zagg iPhone. Each provides benefits of scratch protection and easy installation of the ultra-thin film that covers your iPhone. Below you will see a minuscule difference of cost for both products, whether its for the front screen only or full body protection packages.

Cost(front only)Cost(full body)Zagg Discount (20%)
Bodyguardz iPhone$14.95$24.95$24.95
Zagg iPhone$14.99$24.99$19.99

As you can see, the cost of Bodyguardz iPhone and Zagg are similar, along with the material, protection and installation of each. If you decide to go with Zagg, I can provide you with the following discount codes below. Zagg iPhone will provide you with great screen protection at a great discount. And, be sure to come back to the website for the installation videos for your iPhone.

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